Sanctuary within the story

I know when I’m not well. I’ve learnt to take heed of the subtle symptoms that creep up and snatch away my time. When I can’t enjoy a story and be enveloped in its drama, that’s when I know things are going bad. Luckily this is not a situation I have had to deal with for at least a year. I have a muzzle on that black dog.

The kryptonite I use is a good bit of storytelling with a splash or two of interaction. If I get a good dose of those elements inside a month then I llegitimi non carborundum. If I fail to escape reality within a calendar month, either I’m dead or I know my head is in the wrong place. If I’m not careful, the heart could indeed follow.

I say playtime is not just for children. We force children into being adults BUT how dare we allow adults to still pursue childish things? Adults love pretending to be all ‘grown-up’ but hate to admit to themselves that they’d rather be anything but. We are organic, not robotic. If I need to run the gauntlet of Mass Effect 2 – which I did throughout February – then blow me, I will! Role-playing a character in a videogame is essential to me, like going to watch a band like Fugazi was to me in the ’90s or in a future-proof kinda way when I get to see a movie like Prometheus. That’s right you gotta future-proof your well-being. Stop them dogs well before the gate.

When my Dad died at the young age of 62, I promised myself I wouldn’t fall down the same traps that he did. As time has passed, that promise has been harder to keep. Other ‘adults’ like to reinforce their own fractured belief system by forcing it to fit mine. We are not a hive mind fuckers! We are not the Geth! We don’t fit, fine. Get over yourselves already!


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