Duty of care

I kinda knew what I was doing. The entire Normandy crew survived with the exception of Miranda. After siding with Jack, Miranda was pissed and never looked like she’d shake off her Cerberus moulding to stay loyal to Shepard. Cutting her loose just made sense, it also meant Shepard’s reunion with Liara, after defeating the Shadow Broker, was far better than I had expected.

In 5 days time I’ll be enjoying the delights of the last part of the Mass Effect story. With no other games on radar, I can allow myself time to soak up the drama.

With a smaller squad and emphasis on Shepard’s interaction with them, I’m sure his duty of care will be heightened far more this time around. It is now wartime but how the events of the past will affect his mental health seem to be hinted at in the recent Mass Effect 3 demo. There are a number of scenarios from which you can select from which range from Shepard’s background and upbringing, to the number of casualties that have been inflicted on his squad.

But here’s my ‘what if?’

What if I lost those characters that are slated to return as Shepard’s crew in Mass Effect 3? Will it mean some less than desirable characters filling the slots? I can see why Bioware left Liara and Ashley Williams out of harms way in Mass Effect 2. Surely it’s the love contest of the century between these two, Alien vs Human, for Shepard’s affections? Other distractions would be counter-productive.

And having a Prothean aboard the Normandy surely trumps a sulky Miranda?


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