Who’s gonna love the alien now?

Been the best week of the year. OK, that’s not hard considering we are only in March and the first two months were appalling. But the feel of this week has been far more positive in action and outlook.

Less positive was the news that the retailer I had my preorder of Mass Effect 3 with couldn’t fulfil the order. Losing credit status with EA and others may mean short or long-term harm to GAME but it has also forced me to look at other online ordering sites to fulfil my RPG needs in future. Not ideal, as I try to be as loyal as I can to retailers like GAME but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t look for what’s best for my short-term needs either. It’s a fine balancing act that we should all consider, if we want retail stores to survive the mess the economy is in.

While on the subject of Mass Effect 3, I have mulled over my initial thoughts of the storyline. Xenophobia looks to be an enemy that could shatter the Mass Effect universe. This looks to be in Shepard’s hands though and with that I have  the Prothean, Javik, aboard the Normandy already. He’s weak after being in status for over 50,000 years but you can’t blame the guy to want to rest a bit more, can you? I also have the military journalist, Diana Allers onboard which could help with the war effort but am not sure she’ll understand all the divergent alien species that will bound for the Normandy shortly.

Well yeah that’s my life in a nutshell. Working a pitiless job but escaping into a far more exciting one via my 360. I’m sure this will see-saw as it always does during the course of the year. Then again a new job/career would definitely help matters.


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