Sonic reunion

Gigs are really bad places to go if you are looking to catch up with friends you haven’t seen for donkeys’. But that’s exactly what I did on Tuesday night, I crashed in on my friends band who happened to be playing at the Buffalo Bar in Islington. The evening could have spelt disaster – I could only spare just over 2 hours – but although very little catching up was done, it was obvious we all still share a passion for live music. That had been my one main worry – would I still get the same kinda buzz that I got in my twenties, now that a good decade had passed by?

It’s possible I need a few more gigs under my belt before I can assume I still have the energy for a rebirth into sonic terrorism. The signs are encouraging and my old friends will definitely be on hand to help. I have an invite to see the Blood Red Shoes in April/May and as I said before, I’d go only after I had heard their new album. Now that I’ve blazed them tracks, I’m happy to commit…

…and remember kids, it’s a gignot concert or tour – that holds the purest form of musical performance and experience.


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