March doesn’t buck the trend

I started this journal as a way to catalogue not just the good times but also the times when life does everything possible to suck you up and spit you out. Looking back on March there’s no evidence to suggest that this journal won’t be tracing that well-worn track.

The month ended with a week where I thought I had a bad router or that my ISP was blocking my 360’s IP address. That’s what the guys at XBL support where leading me to believe. It turns out that your XBL profile can corrupt on your 360. In my instance my profile was showing no gps or any games played/achievements. BUT I discovered you can download your profile that is held on XBL server onto your 360. This I did. XBL support showed they didn’t listen and don’t listen;

@XboxSupport nothing to do with my ISP or router.I redownloaded my profile via my Xbox & now back online. Shame that wasn’t suggested.

@dmosbon Sounds like it may have been a coincidence. Looking back it seems that the console wasn’t finding the network, is that correct? ^RH

@XboxSupport reasonable to conclude that my profile was corrupted as it was not displaying gamerscore or achievements

@dmosbon Aah, OK, I see that we had been trying a lot of things with you. It does sound like this is coincidence. ^OZ

@XboxSupport2 think what you want. I actuated my own solution after wasting a good part of a week chasing false leads. Not an ISP fault.

@dmosbon Glad you figured it out! :D Glad your ISP was able to sort our your connection! ^LB

A tireless waste of my time.

The week earlier was a total opposite of emotions. Back to seeing live music being performed after a very long time is a highlight. I hope to instil this further with more gigs during the course of the year. Forward to BRS in May.

Other positive vibes for March have been the beta of Letterboxd and picking up a good book again – one I hope to finish.


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