You haven’t lived, if you don’t have a story or two to tell.

Last year I read 10 books. None of these were fiction in its classic sense; 6 graphic novels, 1 autobiography and 3 books that were connected to my OU studies. This year I’m promising myself a fuller year of fiction – starting with The Host – with the emphasis on science fiction.

The first entry made here I proclaimed how important role-playing a good story was reflective on the state of my own health. Since then I’ve been awash with some good hearty storytelling. Both CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 2 and Bioware’s Mass Effect 3 are warming my 360s hard-drive, I also have my first encounter with Silent Hill(Downpour) waiting for me too.

I know gamers get caught up in gameplay that proclaims to give a lifetime of adventure and then are disappointed when they are bribed into continuing with the ‘experience’ with an offer of a free month. It’s a sad trade mark of that game model and it’s a tax on the soul that I shan’t be subscribing to it ever again. Story is paramount to my choice of gaming experience but not at the expense of my pocket.

With that said I have many hours of adventure before me both in print and via the visual assault of games and movies that are stacking up nicely in 2012. I hope this is a good sign for my mental health in the months ahead.


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