Back in the reading mix this last week. I picked up the 6th volume of the collected The Walking Dead comic and gorged that in one sitting. Added to it I have the 2nd volume of Chew comic book – I read the first volume last year which was excellent. I’d recommend it to anyone with a sense of humour and a pulse.

I’m still hanging in there with The Host. I love the humanity in the book and how well it has been entwined in a sci-fi setting. Much like how Ridley Scott filmed Alien and Blade Runner. I can sense where The Host is leading me but it has its hooks in me enough that the journey to the finish feels natural and fresh.

Maybe today I should be writing about far more topical subject – see Record Store Day – that I also have some thoughts about? Well that’s possibly a side-step that I will pull in for next week. I’m a little tied up, this weekend, with some writing prep that could lead into a very nice writing gig. A gig that could indeed be music related but more on that if or when it happens.


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