Lost in the moment

With the first quarter of 2012 gone, I’ve reflected on those moments that have left a lasting impression on me.

Blood Red Shoes release something of a reinvention with their new album. I’ve played it constantly over the last few weeks, more than anything else this year. I hear hooks in the track that remind me of both The Pixies and The Breeders, so it could be that guitarist Laura is making a stronger impression on the song writing and composition. Her vocals are far better utilised on this album than the previous two efforts. The only weak track for me is the opener, In Time for Voices otherwise it’d have been classed an instant classic, had it been their debut album.

I’ve been lazy with my music appreciation since the turn of the century. The late 1980’s to the end of the ’90s were such good and full years that a dip was sure to come my way. I just didn’t think that dip would last 12 years! Maybe I’ll look back at 2012 as the year I rediscovered my love of music. It had a very positive effect on my life 20 or so years ago and this could be a rekindling of that effect. Although the gig I went to this time last month wasn’t a classic by any means, it was the first for over 10 years. Sure I’ve aged and am no longer an active part of the music scene but my ear hasn’t lost the knack of knowing a great song when it hears one.

One movie. One TV show. Both have had a remarkable impact on my psyche.

Drive has stayed with me ever since it lulled me into thinking it was a movie of introspection without any force of action. The lack of dialogue in Drive allows a shift of emphasis onto the look and feel of the movie. I’ve been caught off guard by how much the movie has crept back into my thoughts even though I’ve watched it only the once. It’s due a re-watch and that’s something I rarely do these days.

You can keep your CSI and NCIS and Law and Order. I’ve got Silent Witness. The current season is its 15th year and the writing is just superb. It puts those American shows in the shade for depth of story, twists and character development. I also appreciate that the show doesn’t over reach into the standard  20+ episodes per season that I see many US shows succumb too.


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