Brain scramble

What follows are my thoughts about The Walking Dead – A New Day XBLA title that I completed this weekend. I promise to keep spoilers to a minimum.

It’s very rare that I sit through a new game in only one or two sittings. Time restraints always mean I take my time completing the campaign of any game. Strangely enough I had made a mental decision to pass on purchasing Telltale’s The Walking Dead – A New Day. I have only played one other Telltale game – CSI: Deadly Intent – and that was enough to put me of trying another one of their titles. But then I heard positive tones from a few people on Twitter (that I respect) detailing how nicely Telltale had produced The Walking Dead – A New Day. It got me thinking and before I knew what I was doing, I took a risk and purchased the first episode.

The Walking Dead – A New Day held me for 5 hours of gameplay. I was impressed how the game essentially has borrowed what has worked in other games but contained those ideas in its adventure game setting. The characterisation also surprised me. There’s some great depth on show and the pacing of the story was just how I wanted the experience to be; measured but dramatic. The action is in keeping with the rest of The Walking Dead franchise and I’m so glad it’s not a L4D or Dead Island clone.

From the experience of this first episode, I think I’ll be happy to try the following four. Must see how my decisions affect Lee and Clementine later in the game.


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