Cosy catastrophe

I’d cheer the apocalypse. If it was to come there’d be no point ignoring or denying it. Of course that only makes sense if I managed to survive when the four horseman show. Couldn’t be a nuclear survivor. No, that would just be too grim an existence.  I’m more a Walking Dead refugee than a Fallout 3 scavenger. Zombies keep you on your toes where as nuclear fallout would surely try to remove them from existence.

I’ve often put together a mental survival kit, items that are sure to be needed in post-apocalypse life. I wouldn’t waste time carrying my family photo albums around with me, even if it did leave a clue to those looking to whether I’d survived. I’d want light and practical over bulk and sentimental. If I held firm and based my activities from home, taking a turn from I am Legend, then that wouldn’t be an issue.

These thoughts haven’t come about just because I’ve now watched the first season of The Walking Dead. No, there’s always been that frill of survival after a meltdown of society within me. Living outside the norms that govern away almost our time sure has a romantic appeal to someone who appreciates good and bad science fiction. But it’s also the freedom this scenario allows, to explore and look at the world differently, that warms my heart when done to near perfection in books, movies, videogames or TV.


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