Three from the E3 hype

While E3 is big on gamers minds this week, I’ve kept my distance from the hype. E3 is all about the stirring as much hype in your product as possible – it is what it is. And although I’ve been away celebrating a family birthday, a few gaming nuggets have impressed me.

I’m happy to see that Assassin’s Creed 3 historical backdrop – the American revolution – is looking lively. It’s a period of history I enjoy when played out in fiction. OK the naval combat has been exaggerated for the game design. For anyone who has done any sailing will know that no sail ship, even from that period of history, can respond that quickly from port to starboard. I do like how it looks but can imagine it’s not a big part of the game and has to be better than the tower defence mini-game in the last outing.

I admit I’ve enjoyed the Halo universe of games but hadn’t been concerned with what Halo 4 would be dishing up. The first gameplay video from 343 Industries shown at E3 has some nice reworkings of combat which I kinda like. The new villain of the piece feels fresh too.

I like Naughty Dog. The Uncharted series of games has been the only reason I’ve turned on my PS3 over the last few years. For that reason alone I should thank them. 2013 looks to be the next time I boot my PS3 up. If I’m lucky The Last of Us could still possibly work its way into the end of 2012.


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