Moral compass

My thoughts on the second episode of Telltale Games The Walking Dead – you can read my original thoughts of the first episode here.

Who’d have thought that a relatively small game – and not a major gaming franchise – would give me so much fun, emotion and moral dilemmas. What has been a surprise is how well the game makes you – as Lee – become protective of his ward, Clementine. It’s a fascinating development which I really hope carries on through the rest of the episodes. What is a clever element – keep an eye out for it as it’s highlighted right at the end of the second episode – is how Lee looks to Clementine for moral guidance. I like that a game story is allowing an ‘adult’ be guided by a ‘child’ – a nice flip to the usual stereotype.

Like anything I spend my time on be it film, book or game, it has to engage. There are many experiences that I could talk of that are well produced BUT ultimately haven’t engaged me. I’d rather a flawed experience that engages than a masterpiece that leaves me cold.


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