Cloud harvest update

Sailing the SolentContrails against AltocumulusContrailsLacunosus
AltocumulusContrailsBrighton cloudscape

Added a few shots to my Flickr gallery. The standout one for me were the clouds in Brighton – very brush-stroke like.

I hope the good weather lasts in the UK so that I can get some great autumn cloud formations.


Reflection of mediocrity?

One important cog of my Happy? Index has been, in recent times, my pursuit of videogaming fun. But when the ‘fun’ turns into a puddle of mediocrity you really have to begin to ask questions. Other than enjoying the recent Walking Dead XBL game and spurts of FIFA 12, I am left with too many games that try pandering to a wider audience than can be maintained . So it’s no surprise then that I’m enjoying games that know what they are and know not to step past their limitations.

A recent example of a game that started well but then lost me due to the developers losing course was Assassin’s Creed Revelations. I cannot fathom why a game that is all about allowing the player so much freedom with its fluid movement would want to detour into a Tower Defence game? I hated how it made me feel about the game and how it took me away from the hub of what makes an Assassin’s Creed game what it is. The game remains unfinished for that very reason.

My fear for videogaming as a whole is the easy path of appealing to the masses will undermine any real progress for the industry. With this years retail market at a all-time low, I do hope developers take stock and understand that a videogame doesn’t need every little element thrown at it, to be a success. Just because your Modern Warfare’s have multiplayer doesn’t mean multiplayer has to be included in every single title that is ever released. You only need look to Telltale Games to appreciate that.

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