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There’s no ‘I’ in blog

I have made a point of stating that I’m not writing a blog but a journal. I wanted to make it clear from the off. ‘Blog’ has been made mainstream and has lost its own identity to the microbloggers.

As I read How to blog via Boing Boing today, I could see how big blog sites try to belittle the small fry blogger. In the article it implicates that blogging should not be about yourself. The header, ‘Don’t blog about yourself…’ really smacks most bloggers in the nuts. Surely blogging IS about what you know and this stems from who you are and what you’ve experienced?

Reading this type of ‘guide’ just makes me frustrated. Not every blog can be successful. Not every blogger wants fame/infamy. This doesn’t mean those bloggers should quit.

By using the term ‘journal’ my hope is that I can define my existence through the words I write here. Maybe I’ll get an audience or maybe not. The fun of the experience is in the trying.

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