If you still follow…

For those that still have this journal in their feeds and have yet to add my current blog, please follow the trail of breadcrumbs below:

Blackened Skull



Since January 26, 2007 you have read a total of 31,463 items.

A small surprise when I found that I had used Google Reader for over five years. Although I have less than twenty feeds in the reader now, I’ve got through a fair bit of reading in that time. I’d be extremely surprised if in the next five years I will have read as many as 15,000 items in Google Reader, let alone 30k.

I’ve seen a natural decline in the number of subscriptions that I follow since G+ came onto the scene. A great number of ‘bloggers’ prefer the conversations they can have on that platform or indeed keep things short and sweet over on Twitter.

But I’m not getting all misty-eyed here. No point getting sentimental over that that doesn’t really matter. Conversation is overrated anyway.

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