Cloud harvest update

Sailing the SolentContrails against AltocumulusContrailsLacunosus
AltocumulusContrailsBrighton cloudscape

Added a few shots to my Flickr gallery. The standout one for me were the clouds in Brighton – very brush-stroke like.

I hope the good weather lasts in the UK so that I can get some great autumn cloud formations.


Cloud harvest

Sailing the Solent
I love a good cloud formation and over the last year or two I’ve taken a few photos – admittedly not enough – of a few of them with. I began using my iPhone 3GS then 4S and now am using my HTC Titan with itsĀ 8MP camera and F2.2 lens. The iPhone images bleed the light and give a more ‘romantic’ look but I prefer the fuller image from the HTC Titan.
I’m hoping for a new camera in time for my holidays later in the year but between now and then I’ll be updating my cloud harvest via Flickr every now and again.
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